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Professional Construction Estimates and Project Control Services

Tempest Company specializes in providing construction consulting services to firms with projects located all over the United States and around the world. Our services include estimating, scheduling, project controls, construction consulting, and expert services. Tempest personnel are highly experienced in construction - from the concept and budgeting stage, to the design period and then to the construction and project close out phase.

As an owner, contractor, subcontractor, attorney, construction manager, architect or engineer, Tempest Company gives you an extra edge with our professional construction estimates, schedules, project control services, expert services and construction consulting.

Project Showcase

Retail Store
Client Need: A global retailer needed costs for features at a specific location.

Client Need: Expert estimate of damages for a claim

Client Need: A general contractor needed a MEP constructability review.

Market Survey
Client Need: A school district was preparing a bond program and needed to know the construction market capacity, so they could plan the phasing of the projects.

Bus Garage
Client Need: A general contractor needed the quantities for a very specific scope of work.

Retail Store
Client Need: A global retailer was planning on expanding into a new location. They needed to know the cost of renovating an existing space.

Storage and Distribution Center
Client Need: An electrical contractor wanted to bid a project that did not have any plans and only had a scope letter.

Grocery Store
Client Need: An electrical contractor received late notice on a grocery store project he wanted to bid.

Retail Store
Client Need: A national retailer is considering a new style of store, which involves incorporating a parking structure above the retail space.

Toll Way Pay Items
Client Need: An engineering group needed to know the equipment associated with the individual pay items.

Retail Store
Client Need: An insurance consultant needed an independent cost estimate for the mechanical and electrical scope of work for a building that had water and fire damage.

Client Need: A church needed to verify the construction budget that the design firm provided.

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Client Need: A vender needed a quantity takeoff for a wastewater treatment plant.

Client Need: An industrial contractor needed assistance in a quantity takeoff for the concrete scope of work only on a project.

Client Need: A general contacted needed a quantity takeoff for a hotel project with a bid deadline approaching quickly.

Retail Store
Client Need: A national retailer is considering renovation of their stores.