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Professional Construction Estimates and Project Control Services
About Us

Mission Statement

It is the purpose of Tempest Company to provide the highest quality, unbiased construction consulting services available. This will be accomplished:

  • With services provided by knowledgeable, experienced professionals and support staff.
  • By furnishing the information in a thorough and prompt manner.
  • By resolving any and all questions with straightforward assessments and counsel.

Company History

Tempest Company was started in 1981 by Don L. Short, II, FCPE, the company president. We have grown continually from that beginning. In 2012, after 31 years, Don’s son, Justin Short was named the new president of Tempest Company. Today, we provide services for both new and repeat client assignments all over the world. As a measure of our success, Tempest Company enjoys a client base with an 80% repeat services rate. Some clients utilize our services several times a year, while others may use them once every five years. Our typical estimating assignment lasts one to four weeks. Scheduling projects may last for a number of weeks or even months while litigation support may involve commitments as long as several months.

Tempest Company's clients come from all areas of the construction industry. Our largest base of clients are contractors and subcontractors. These firms use our services to assist in bidding and scheduling projects, obtain second opinions on costs for unusual projects, and provide other expert services as needed. Our next largest base of clients consists of construction and program management firms, along with project developers and owners. These firms use our services to prepare budgets and schedules prior to starting design, during the design period, and at bid time. The balance of our clients range from attorneys requiring our services in support of litigation to architects and engineers for whom we provide design estimating services.