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Professional Construction Estimates and Project Control Services


When a claim situation arises, it needs to be evaluated to determine its’ validity before the preparation of the claim begins. The evaluation will result in a recommendation of the merits of the claim.

The evaluation and preparation of a claim can be a time consuming process. Not all of the facts are initially available, some may never be determined. However, at Tempest Company, we believe disputes can be resolved.

Should a claim situation arise, documentation consisting of contract documents and job records, along with cost and schedule information, is assembled, analyzed and prepared for presentation. The analysis of a claim considers all areas of contention. Claim issues typically involve disruption, delay, acceleration and impact in addition to the direct work scope.

Tempest Company’s estimate of the claim amount itemizes the issues and amounts involved. Our as-bid evaluation estimates are used to determine a reasonable starting point for the original bid conditions. Actual productivity’s are compared to estimated amounts. The total estimate package provides documented, trackable cost information for the project.

As-built and Retrospective schedules are prepared to graphically represent the events as they occurred or as they might have been. Comparisons are made to the original schedule. The differences are pinpointed, along with the reasons for the variances.


Experts abound in this world, each one has an opinion. At Tempest Company our opinions are supported by facts with comprehensive support information on the issues.

Construction practices and procedures are an integral part of our knowledge. These include estimating and bidding, project management, project controls, along with subjects such as marketing and business operations.