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Professional Construction Estimates and Project Control Services

The following bid estimate samples are from issued for bid plans and specifications. They were prepared either for contractors and subcontractors for bidding purposes or the owner to evaluate bids. The design for each specifications section of work has been represented to be 100% complete by the Architect/Engineer.

Each bid estimate prepared by Tempest Company is specific to the project conditions represented in the plans and specifications. If questions arise during the course of preparing the estimate, they are provided to the bidder so that they can relay them to the Architect or Engineer for resolution prior to the bid date.

A bid estimate is different from a buyout estimate. While a bid estimate is detailed in order to bid a project, the buyout estimate is used to order materials once the project is a viable "job" for the contractor or subcontractor. An example of a bid estimate versus a buyout estimate would be metal studs for drywall. During the bid period, it is good enough to know the total linear footage of studs by size and gauge. A buyout requires this same information plus the lengths required for each application. In mechanical and electrical scopes of work, the bid estimate and buyout estimates are nearly identical.

As mentioned above, these estimate samples are from bid level estimates.

Division 2, 31 and 32- Sitework

Site Development (37kb .pdf)
Selective Building Demolition (17kb .pdf)
Earthwork (15kb .pdf)
Mechanical Utilities - See Mechanical
Electrical Utilities - See Electrical

Division 3 - Concrete (47kb .pdf)

Division 4 - Masonry (21kb .pdf)

Division 5 - Metals (29kb .pdf)

Division 6 - Woods & Plastics (25kb .pdf)

Division 7 - Thermal & Moisture Protection

Exterior Insulation & Finish System (15kb .pdf)
Membrane, Metal Roofing & Flashing (14kb .pdf)

Division 8 - Doors & Windows (17kb .pdf)

Division 9 - Finishes

Lath & Plaster (14kb .pdf)
Gypsum Board Systems (24kb .pdf)
Flooring & Floor Coverings (12kb .pdf)
Acoustical Treatment (12kb .pdf)
Painting (13kb .pdf)

Division 10 - Specialties (14kb .pdf)

Division 11 - Equipment (Sorry - No samples at this time - Please Call)

Division 12 - Furnishings (Sorry - No samples at this time - Please Call)

Division 13 - Special Construction (Sorry - No samples at this time - Please Call)

Division 14 - Conveying Systems (Sorry - No samples at this time - Please Call)

Division 22, 23 and 33 - Mechanical

Site Mechanical Utilities (15kb .pdf)
Mechanical Insulation (23kb .pdf)
Plumbing Systems (114kb .pdf)
Mechanical Systems (30kb .pdf)
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (19kb .pdf)

Division 26 and 33 - Electrical

Site Electrical Utilities (20kb .pdf)
Building Electrical Systems (110kb .pdf)

Sample Indirect Cost

Large Industrial Project (38kb .pdf)

Sample Project

Small Commercial Project (176kb .pdf)