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Professional Construction Estimates and Project Control Services
Hourly Rates



Construction Consultant/Estimator/Scheduler $130.00
Senior Construction Consultant/Estimator/Scheduler $160.00
Lead Construction Consultant/Estimator/Scheduler $190.00
Principal $250.00
Support Personnel $65.00


Tempest Company's services are provided on a firm, lump sum price or an hourly rate basis. When working on an hourly rate basis, there are no additional multipliers to our rates for hours worked in excess of forty hours per week. All hours billed are itemized by person, by day, by duty.


Expenses incurred by Tempest Company's personnel are billed at our invoiced cost, without additional markups. Expenses typically billed are travel related, outside copy services and overnight/next day delivery services. Tempest Company does not charge for in house copies, long distance telephone or incidental supplies. As with our services all expenses are itemized with supporting documentation.


A deposit for the assignment may be required prior to starting the services. Payment is required upon receipt of the invoice. Alternate payment terms are acceptable by mutual agreement prior to the start of our services.