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Professional Construction Estimates and Project Control Services


Keeping job costs under control is as important to the construction process as is preparing the bid.

Setting up a job control budget is the first step in maintaining job cost control. The budget can be established to track labor, material, equipment and subcontract values. These budget amounts are then used in comparing cost to date, costs this period and forecast at completion.


Knowing where labor, material and equipment costs are headed is a vital forecasting ability.

Labor man-hours are potentially the largest variable on a project. Early in the project this information is tempered by the "learning curve" experience and forecasts made for completion. As the project advances, the forecasts are refined to reflect the experience gained on the project. When changes occur they are incorporated into the forecasts.


Productivity variances can be the most rewarding experience or the most frustrating event on a project.

Productivity evaluations range from being performed in a matter of minutes to in-depth time and motion studies. Evaluations include labor and management forces, equipment applications, difficulty or ease of the work, and other project conditions affecting productivity.


Changes can involve both time and cost. A change can involve a disagreement over how much time and how much cost—even within your own organization.

Tempest Company compares the existing condition to the changed condition to determine the scope. Considerations are given to the procurement status, construction completion and other factors relevant to the change. In this manner cost and schedule variations can be determined and readily solved.